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We Service The Products We Sell

Since 1972, service has been at the heart of Brinker’s Jewelers. Three generations later, service remains at our core. We sell only products we can service ourselves.

Responsibly Caring For Your Jewelry Is Our Privilege

We treat every client’s item as if it were our own. Jewelry doesn’t just have monetary value, it has sentimental value, something our Master Jewelers take into consideration when making repairs. We’re guided by a set of principles, along with over 150 years of jewelry repair and design experience, that allows us to keep this top of mind. We take pride in handling and repairing all jewelry items in an ethical and professional manner.

Whatever your budget, however large or small your collection, each piece of jewelry you own tells a story, keeps a memory alive, represents a milestone or personally represents class, style and character.

We offer a variety of jewelry services including but not limited to:
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Our Jewelry Credentials

Our jewelers are graduates of renowned jewelry schools like: Gemological Institute of America, Stewart’s International School for Jewelers and Swigart School of Jewelry, where they’ve garnered over a 150 years of combined experience and a deep understanding of designing and repairing jewelry the right way.

Quality Assurance

When you leave your jewelry items with Brinker’s Jewelers for repair, they never leave our store. This means you can have peace of mind that your item(s) won’t be sent to an outside repair facility like many stores have to use. Only certain watch repairs have to go back to the manufacturer per their guidelines and when that happens your item is insured by us in case something unfortunate was to happen.

Personal Jewelry Maintenance

Regularly inspecting and caring for fine jewelry reduces the possibility of losing/damaging a gemstone or the entire piece of jewelry. Elements like light, heat, household cleaning products, personal hygiene products and other chemicals can adversely affect your gemstones and jewelry. We like to tell our customers, jewelry is the last thing you put on before you leave and the first thing you take off when you get home! We suggest once every 3-4 months, complimentary cleaning and checking services at Brinker’s Jewelers to protect your jewelry and stay ahead of any unwanted issues.

White Glove Service

Have a jewelry or timepiece that needs service or repair but don’t have the ability to come to our store? Brinker’s Jewelers wants to ensure that you, our loyal customer, is always satisfied with your items no matter where you are. Brinker’s Jewelers takes pride in servicing what we sell, reach out to us to assist with shipping questions and let us guide you on how to get your jewelry or timepiece from your home to Brinker’s Jewelers for service. 

We will contact you when we receive and examine your item(s). At that time we will discuss price and payment. Once your item is repaired, and the account settled, we will ship your item back to you. *Brinker’s Jewelers advises that you bring your item in to be assessed by a Jewelry or Watch Professional whenever possible. We always examine the item before quoting a price.

*Shipping may be included in your price quote.

On-site Jewelry And Watch Repair Facilities

Visit our showroom, call 812.476.0651, or fill out the form below and we will be happy to help you with any questions you may have.