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FireMark® Diamonds

The Patented FireMark® is the single most perfectly cut Princess Diamond there is. Period.

Rivals Ideal Round Brilliance

The first Princess Cut ever to consistently rival an Ideal Round in brilliance- with an outstanding 98% average light return.

Gemological Institute of America (GIA)

  • “Excellent” ratings from the GIA in Polish & Symmetry
  • “Excellent” rating from GCAL for Light Performance

Higher Crowns

  • Higher crown and smaller table result in greater fire and brilliance
  • Shallower depth so you’re not paying for weight you can’t see

10% Larger

FireMark diamond is approximately 10% larger than a typical Princess cut diamond of equal carat weight. This means a .90 point FireMark will appear to be the same size or larger than a typical 1 carat Princess.

Chamfered (cut) Corners

Chamfered corners–invisible to the naked eye. A facet is added to each corner eliminating the sharp point, and dramatically increasing the diamond’s durability.

FireMark diamonds are never cut to maximize the weight of a diamond. They’re always cut to maximize beauty. This assures maximum brilliance, fire and sparkle.

Look for the FireMark logo inscribed on your diamond’s girdle to assure this truly is a FireMark Princess Cut Diamond.

FireMark Diamonds are not sold on the Internet or listed with any online diamond listing services.

Rest assured, these are more than the finest cut diamonds Brinker’s Jewelers carries. FireMark is the most perfectly cut princess diamond there is. They are available exclusively at Brinker’s Jewelers.

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