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Diamonds Hand-Selected With Integrity

Every single one of our diamonds are personally hand-selected by a member of the Brinker family; only the highest regard for integrity, quality, beauty and value are wrapped in our little green boxes. That’s the Brinker’s promise.


For every piece of jewelry or keepsake, and any lifestyle and budget.

Diamonds are one of the world’s most treasured stones, forming for billions of years within the earth’s mantle before extraction. Professional diamond cutters determine a diamond’s worth in four categories: color, cut, carat and clarity. The perfect combination of these characteristics are in the eyes of the beholder; it is our utmost responsibility as jewelry professionals to guide and advise you when choosing a diamond based on your tastes, style and budget.

For hundreds of thousands of years diamonds have spoken a universal love language all their own. Find them dangling from earrings, bracelets, charms, pendants, and of course, engagement and wedding rings.

Diamonds found at Brinker’s Jewelers adhere to a set of principles of the respective brands we carry. Furthermore, the Brinker’s family has our own set of standards for quality, integrity, beauty and affordability every diamond must meet. For this reason, you can rest assured any diamond purchased at Brinker’s Jewelers is of the highest quality you will find, and that each one has been personally chosen by a Brinker’s family member with careful consideration regarding our customers.

We are always available to help you further understand a diamond’s varying shapes, colors, sizes and explain costs, and different combinations to meet a budget’s criteria.

Dream In Color

Diamonds come in every color and shade you can dream of. Do not limit your love to just one color.

Upgrade Your Diamond

For love that’s grown.

The 4Cs determine a diamond’s price, rarity and beauty.

Learn how the 4 Cs classify the value of diamonds.


are alike

Explore our vast selection of the most beautiful, high-quality diamonds, formed over a billion years from the earth’s mantle. Each one personally hand selected with integrity by a Brinker’s family member. Elicit the color, cut, carat and clarity others only dream about.

Brands that take our breath away

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Choose a diamond you love, and we can create any piece of custom jewelry your mind can conceive. If it is physically possible, no idea is off-limits. What many people don’t know is that jewelry customization can be simple, elegant and affordable.

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