What To Do With Old Jewelry


Wondering What to Do With Your Old Jewelry?

If it’s been a couple years since you’ve gone through your jewelry box and picked out the pieces you actually wear and enjoy, or your style has since changed, now is the perfect excuse to refresh and update your collection.

Instead of leaving old, unwanted, or unworn jewelry laying around, collecting dust in your jewelry box, consider these options for getting the most out of those pieces.

A Simple Update / Repair

Updating your jewelry can be as simple as having it professionally buffed and polished. This is an easy way to bring life to an aged piece of fashionable jewelry.

Swapping out gemstones for a more modern look is another way to refresh a piece of jewelry you aren’t ready to part with.

Finally, repairing a broken shank on a ring, or a clasp on a bracelet or necklace, and having that piece buffed and polished can make your collection wearable feel brand new again.

A Complete Redesign

A brooch you’ve inherited from a great aunt or grandmother might hold sentimental value, but not be quite in line with your style. That same brooch, can be taken and redesigned into a beautiful pendant more in line with your personal style, without sacrificing its integrity or sentimental value.

Large or gaudy cluster ring designs can be refashioned into exquisite pendants as well. If you’ve inherited a pendant, but love rings, a shank can be added to a pendant to create a ring you can wear day after day.

Finally, a pendant can be saved and transformed into diamond stud earrings, and the gold sold or traded in toward a customized or new piece of fine jewelry.

Sell or Credit

Some of your jewelry may be beyond repair. Maybe you simply don’t want it anymore, or long to make room for newer pieces. If this is the case, selling or trading your jewelry is a great option.

Brinker’s Jewelers will give you cash or credit toward a new piece when you bring in your outdated or unwanted jewelry. We buy gold and silver jewelry and diamonds year round, and offer even more cash during our gold-buying event twice a year.

Pass it Down

Some pieces of jewelry are too important or sentimental to part with. Heirloom jewelry traditionally holds great value – either sentimental or monetary – and is passed down through generations.

Consider gifting pieces like these that you don’t personally love to a close friend or family member, who will cherish the piece, and pass it on to someone else later in life.

Brinker’s Jewelers has had the privilege of helping customers determine their best options for selling and trading their old and unwanted jewelry for three generations.


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